The Jews of the Soviet Union

Book The Jews of the Soviet Union

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Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN-13 : 9780521389266

Page : 416 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 266 voters

Ch. 1 (pp. 1-48) deals with the period before 1917, discussing Church-inspired anti-Jewish policies from the 15th century onwards, the ban on Jewish settlement up to the 18th century, and restrictions on the Jews under Tsarist rule, culminating in a series of pogroms. Distinguishes three stages in Soviet Jewish history, with a section on antisemitism in each period. During 1917-1939, "the years of construction, " antisemitism was officially outlawed, yet it persisted due to a deep-rooted tradition and the need for an outlet for resentment against the regime. During 1939-1953, "the years of destruction, " Soviet Jews were victims of the Nazi extermination policy and Stalin's campaign against "Jewish cosmopolitanism" and Zionism. In the post-Stalin period, 1953-1983, antisemitic propaganda appeared in the mass media and in literature, expressing traditional stereotypes as well as anti-Zionism. Mentions also discrimination in education and employment.

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