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Authors: Pierre Jacquet
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The twenty-first century is already an urban one. Cities are pivotal to sustainability concerns globalization, climate change, food security, environmental prot
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Energetics and Technology of Biological Elimination of Wastes
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Cities around the world are undergoing profound changes. In this global era, we live in a world of rising knowledge economies, digital technologies, and awarene
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How can weaker sections of society exercise their rights and participate in the management of their physical environment? What factors enhance the development a
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Rural-urban Transformations
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The "European Yearbook" has expanded over the years in keeping with the role played by European institutions compared with national ones. It is an indispensable
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La publication synthétise les conclusions et les enseignements tirés jusqu'à présent des travaux sur l'accès équitable à l'eau et à l'assainissement men
Waste Management
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The EEC's heavy dependence on imported raw materials, combined with insufficient priority given to recuperative technologies, provided twin incentives to conven